Что такое PCBA?

С популяризацией электронных технологий люди стали лучше разбираться в печатных платах, однако могут существовать некоторые концептуальные отклонения. Многие пользователи склонны называть зеленые платы в компьютерах или других устройствах “PCB”, что на самом деле является неточным термином. На самом деле, как потребители, печатные платы, которые мы обычно видим, уже собраны, известны как платы PCBA, называемые “матерью […]

A Guide to PCBA: Definition, Types, Applications, and Process

PCBA stands at the heart of modern electronic devices, all the compact, efficient, and reliable electronic products we use today rely on it. But for some novices, they don’t know much about PCBA, so we decided to write an article like this to comprehensively introduce PCBA including its definition, types, production process and applications, etc. What is PCBA? […]

PCB Layout: A Comprehensive Guide

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout is the blueprint that guides the production of circuit boards which are the backbone of any electronic device. This article explores the core principles of PCB layout, component placement, trace routing, signal integrity, and more. Electronics – Flexible Electronics – PCB – Semiconductors The world of electronics design is intricately woven with […]

What Is a PCB?The Basics

A printed circuit card is an electrical circuit whose parts, as well as conductors, are actually contained within a technical framework. Conductive functions consist of copper indications, pads, heat sinks, or conductive aircraft. The technical design is created with shielding component laminated flooring between levels of conductive product. The overall design is plated as well […]

Introduction of Plastic Ball Grid Array-PBGA

PBGA or Plastic Ball Grid Array packaging is used to provide the high-level PCB assembly process and design at reasonable prices. It is the main type of BGA that is commonly used for double-side PCB construction. The first time it was created by MOTOROLA company and now almost every PCBA manufacturer is using this material in products. Its substrate material is created […]

Fine Pitch BGA: Introductory Overview and Case Studies

In the face of space constraints in electronic products like handheld or wearable devices, designers actively seek various methods to shrink the size of PCBA boards. An effective strategy is to adopt multilayer PCB, which can accommodate more circuits in a smaller space to meet the demands of miniaturization. However, as the number of layers […]

Wire Harness Assembly Process

Wire harness assembly plays a crucial role in numerous electronic devices, including automobiles, tablets, flight simulators, and more. However, it is a complex and time-consuming process that demands manufacturers to invest significant effort. Despite the challenges, the demand for wire harness and cable assemblies continues to surge, driving the expansion of manufacturing scales. In this […]