PBGA or Plastic Ball Grid Array packaging is used to provide the high-level PCB assembly process and design at reasonable prices. It is the main type of BGA that is commonly used for double-side PCB construction. The first time it was created by MOTOROLA company and now almost every PCBA manufacturer is using this material in products. Its substrate material is created through bismaleimide triazine. Through the use of this advanced IC packaging technology, engineers can optimize innovations by enhancing the working operation features of semiconductors components.

These packagings are created for low inductance, well SMT assembly technique, and improved thermal operation. These techniques come with ground and power plans that are demanded by advanced electronics. This packaging provides a flexible design structure since uses industry-proven semiconductors grade materials. PBGA helps to mount components permanently like microprocessors. This packaging provides a larger number of pinouts that helps to make a connection with dual in-line or flat packaging. Its structure is such that we can use its complete lower area instead of only the perimeter.

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