Professional Custom PCB and PCBA manufacturer PCB Electronic Board Assembly



PCB Assembly Capability




Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering technology

Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology

ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test)

PCB Assembly With UL,ISODD,Rohs Approval

SMT process adpot reflow soldering technology

High Standard SMT & Solder Assembly Line

HDI technology (High density interconnected board placement technology capacity)


Chip & IC 01005 ,55mm

BGA pitch 0.3mm

QFP Pitch 0.3mm


Prototype & Low Volume PCB Assembly,from 1 Board to 250, or up to 5000 and customized

Type of Assembly

SMT, Thru-hole ,DIP ,MIX

Solder Type

Water Soluble Solder Paste, Leaded and Lead-Free

Bare Board Size

Largest:700X610mm (Custom)

File Formate

Gerber files, Pick-N-Place file, BOM ,PADs ,Protel,CAD

Types of Service

Turn-key,partial turn-key or consignment


Flying Probe Test,X-ray Inspection AOI Test

PCB assembly process

Drilling—-Exposure—–Plating—–Etaching & Stripping—Punching—–Electrical Testing—–SMT—–Wave Soldering—–Assembling—- ICT—–Function Testing—–Temperature & Humidity Testing

 PCB testing service.
1. Manual visual inspection of PCB board
2. PCB board online test
3. PCB board function test
4. AOI (Automatic optical inspection)
5. Automatic X-ray inspection
6. Laser detection system
7. Size detection

Information needed of PCB/PCBA Assembly quote:

1.DO PCB : Please offer Gerber file to us.

2.DO PCBA: Please offer Gerber file and Bom list.
3.COPY PCB/PCBA: Please offer us the details information of PCB/PCBA, if can send us the sample ,that’s best.

 If you need any pcb or pcba service,welcome to enquiry from us!

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